Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Letter to Saoud

Hi Saoud
How are you?
I'm also in the last part of the semester. I will finish next week.
Time has gone very fast. It seems like yesterday when I stsrted.
I made many new friends. Some of them have already left so that I
felt sad. Next year who leave and who will stay? Although I was sad
I was happy.We did lots of things. I really enjoyed studying with good friends and a great teacher, William. Therefore, I have improved my english skills so far. My teacher always taught us kindly in formally, so I learnt good things comfortably.
For the first time I had a oral presentation but I got a great result. I couldn't believe it!!! I hope all my frieds will cometo school next year. If I come to school next year, I'll do my best.
I hope you will enjoy study in University.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Yesterday was my ferst day of new school at Forth St so I was rally excited.
I met new Korean three students and I met old friends happyly. As went my claaroom
it is absolutely small to study many of them. Also desk are obviously small to move
possession. However, there is a lot of facilities. I think that eveyone are also same
as me. First of all, my teacher William gave us his letter what did he do during the holliday. He did plenty of work so he had cought cold but,now hi was fine. I believe
that he is a relly health man. WE enjoyed reading his letter. Afterward we had watched Jason's daughter's blogger. He had made it for his daughter in the holliday.
It was nicly pretty. Finaly, we read a iticle abuot memerize of childhood. As i read it I was reminded of my childhood.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

This new term and moving next term

I really enjoy studying this term's class. The previous term's class we had a lot of writing so that I had had lots of stress at that time. Therefore my English improve a lot. This term's class we have been changing many different way of studying. We have self study. We have group study. Each days we're changing listening, writing, reding, speaking and we have been learning computer skills. As I'm getting older I never try to use many different methods of computer. I can only send e-mail and read the news. Last week I learnt how send photos. It's very useful for me.

I'm really enjoying studying here. I'm always happy to be here which is very comfortable to study and it's like home but sadly we will move to Forth St next term.
I don't think about nagatives there. There is also have a lot of positives such as we can go to the library easily, we can meet other young students and we can go to the Student Health. Other wise we have good opportunity to study there. We study hard wherever we go.